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Smart Auto Trading Algorithm

Algorithmic Trading: Can You make money with it?

Profitable forex robot for scalping on EUR / USD and quick closing of deals. Stable profit is achieved due to round the clock work and the ability of the adviser to change the strategy in accordance with market conditions.

In our implementation, risks are significantly reduced by reducing the stop-loss. This refinement calculates both the level of possible profit and the reliability of the adviser in the overall perspective.

Main Features Gat FIN Forex robot:

Quick result due to scalping strategy;

Rapid recovery of losses due to a well thought-out algorithm;

Strict control of risks through stop orders;

Calculation of the probability of profit before the opening of the transaction and entry into the market only at high chances to earn a profit.

For the first launch and testing of an adviser on a real account, a deposit of $ 500 is enough.

Due to such low financial costs, this robot uniquely suits the concept of the best forex advisor.

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